What’s the biggest challenge you’re currently facing in your business?

    Are you working on it today?

    If you are, good.

    If you’re not, can you identify why not?

    Perhaps you don’t know what that biggest challenge is? (Doubtful – but possible.)

    Perhaps it’s a frog whose taste you don’t like?

    Perhaps there’s a counter-balancing opportunity that you’re focussed on?

    Perhaps you’re waiting on people/information?

    Perhaps you’re overwhelmed?

    Perhaps you’re procrastinating?

    Perhaps you’re off work?

    Perhaps you’ve scheduled meetings?   

    Perhaps your energy levels are low?

    But there’s good news. You’re lucky!  You get to choose what you work on next. You can change course.

   This is a short blog. Very short. You’ll finish reading it within about 30 more seconds.

   Then you’ll do something else. You may already have decided what that something else will be. But I’d ask you to consider pausing. Pausing for a moment and asking yourself: what’s the best use of my time right now?

    Because this is your agenda.  Your business. 

    Your decision.

    Be purposeful!

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