When we started working together Brendan quickly got an understanding of what my overall plans were, the targets I was setting myself, and how I intended to achieve them. I’d tell him what I intended to do, and he’d then offer some questions and suggestions that helped me improve those goals. However, it was the regular review of what I had done versus what I’d said I’d do that was most beneficial. The key learning for me being that I sometimes bit off more than I could chew. Accountability is VITAL to self-employed people like me. Without it we can become wandering generalities! ANYONE who says they are struggling needs it. Anyone who is saying they are swamped needs it. In fact anyone self-employed - no matter what (positive) impression they give of how they’re doing.

Robbie Moloney

I thought hard about whether or not to join Brendan’s Mastermind Group.  I didn’t want to do so lightly.  There was a time commitment and a financial commitment.  I knew and trusted Brendan but I was a bit unsure what this new service was actually going to be like.  I also didn’t know who else would be in it.  Perhaps most importantly, I wondered would it actually encourage change in what I was doing.  In essence, was it going to be useful?

I’ve been in it over a year and I genuinely Brendan do think it’s a fantastic service.  It gives me clarity and direction.  It’s an outlet for me to confidentially discuss challenges that have come up in my business.  And it generates some very good solutions – particularly when I don’t have my own team in the business to discuss challenges with.

A few times what I get out of the group has sagged a little – but that has been down to my own lack of proper preparation.  In order for it to work you need to put the work into it.  When I put the effort in myself it’s a real energising driver moving forward.  You do get a lot more clarity and purpose in what you’re doing.  If you join the group, which I’d recommend you consider doing, be prepared to be called out on your participation.  So you wouldn’t want to be a shrinking violet!

The brainstorming is very useful – other people in business genuinely doing the very best they can to help me come up with solutions.  It’s reciprocal of course – I do the same for them.  And it’s been really helpful to be challenged on whether our monthly goals are just what’s in front of us or are they aligned with quarterly or annual goals.

As to the type of person who this would work for?  Well, there’s no business that wouldn’t benefit.  Or no person that wouldn’t benefit.  But would the personality of that person fit into this?  Humility is one good characteristic.  It’s also important to not just have opinions but to be able to express them in a way that’s not judgemental or degrading to people – that’s supportive yet strong enough to call someone out when needed.  We’re in here to be able to take punches if needed – but there’s a respectful way of doing that.

Seán Manicle, Manicle Property Insurance Claims

Brendan offered me the Mastermind and Accountability service and I jumped at the opportunity - having been struggling with the need for an outside view of my work practices.  Our group meets monthly and review progress, sharing experiences and goals and it is a great opportunity to privately air problems and get feedback from both Brendan and our Mastermind colleagues in total confidentiality.  The weekly “Accountability” service has proven fantastic for me and has spurred me on to achieve goals with a deadline ahead. It has added great focus to my work.  I highly recommend the service.

Roger McClure, Bluewall Technologies

I get a lot of emails from business owners and entrepreneurs looking for my help on a huge range of topics, and I don’t have time to respond to them all individually.  I needed to map out a way for me to give people the best results possible AND in a way that was effective for me.  Brendan delivered that.

Jon McCulloch, The Evil Bald Genius

I run a small expanding business. Things are incredibly busy – and it can be tough keeping things organised and staying focussed on what’s important. If you need help with that, use Brendan!

Ned Butler

Having up-to-date and relevant content on our website is of huge importance to our business and a major difficulty for us used to be getting the time to write that content. We came across the copywriting service that Brendan offers and we tried it out. The results were excellent. We now regularly get Brendan to write copy for us so that we ensure we get the correct message communicated on our website. I have found Brendan very easy to work with & he takes the time to research the topic thoroughly so that the content created is extremely clear & well put together even at the first draft stage. Now we have a tried & tested means of getting relevant, well written content regularly onto our site.

Gavin Dixon, BITS

Brendan has written copy for us that we use to highlight our expertise to the marketplace. He has a unique gift for being able to immerse himself in unfamiliar areas of HR, achieve an expert level of knowledge in a short amount of time and then being able to write about the topics in a cohesive, clear & accessible style. This is something I’ve never seen before – even in a HR specialist.

Mary Cullen, Insight HR

I’ve known Brendan for some years and in Feb 2020 I asked him to review my website to ensure it reflected the services I’m providing.  His application to the task was exemplary and his insights into customer trends, behaviours, etc were top-class.  Brendan’s services across business planning and execution of these plans would be a great help to businesses of any size, small or big.  I’d have no hesitation in recommending Brendan to any business owner looking for insights in creating and executing new or improved business strategies.

Sean Donnelly, FCMA, Sean Donnelly & Co.

Brendan has carried out a review of our website, with particular focus on a new product we were launching. His feedback and suggestions were insightful, well laid out and written with the end user in mind which I found very useful. I would strongly recommend engaging Brendan for his expertise and his focus on what works best for a company website.

Brian Kelly, MindAClient