What does your market care about?

What do you deserve for your efforts?  A wage/salary based on your efforts?     How do you decide what to pay yourself?  Is it what’s left over (if anything) after you pay the (other) bills?  Or do you decide an amount and then figure out what sales you need to make to allow you to…

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Birds of a feather flock together

    Here’s a guess about you.     At some point, in the distant past, someone urged you to be careful about a person/crowd you were involved with.     It may have been a parent, an older sibling, a teacher.  But, from a position of caring, they felt it important to offer you advice.      And…

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An anchor to support you in making the right decisions

    Negotiations.     Not my strongest suit.      So, to help remedy that, I was listening to a podcast where two project management experts discussed negotiations with a savvy attorney who specialises in litigation.     She definitely knew her stuff.  And in her closing remarks she encouraged listeners to always treat people you encounter (in…

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How you can (realistically) aim to accomplish more

Seeds of growth

   What can you accomplish today?     It depends on a number of factors – including the opportunities that are open to you, the tools & supports you have in place, your plan, your mindset, your discipline, etc.    But another factor is your capabilities.     Your capabilities limit what you can accomplish.  You may…

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Another tip on what NOT to do when trying to sell

Gift Horse

15 weeks.     That’s the amount of time you have after today to meet or reach your sales goals for 2020.  Congrats if you’re that rare breed who has already reached those goals by mid-September!     I was looking at my own sales goals and activity and something popped out at me.     Never say…

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Marketing tactic agnosticism

What marketing (if any) do you do?     Blogs? Maybe advertising on the radio? Maybe email marketing?  Tweets? Posts?  Articles?  Video?  Press releases?  SEO?  Pay-per-click?  The list goes on…     Do you ever wonder what the best approach for you to take is?     Here’s a thought: Stop.     And go deeper.     And consider…

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What you can do to avoid losing a sale (the way I lost one)

I’ve a client who has used my services a few times. But the number of purchases is one less than I would have liked. And I think I know why it didn’t happen. Let me tell you quickly what happened. In another business I use research (mainly surveys) to provide clients with clear recommendations on…

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An argument for a different type of resolution

I just checked google and the phrase “new year’s resolution” appeared nearly 8 million times, 7870000 to be precise. But here’s an idea for you – a different type of resolution. How about a New Day’s Resolution? Why wait till 2021? Why wait till next month? Why even wait till next week? How about tomorrow?…

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Achievement is more important than activity


Do you ever have one of those weeks where you spend lots of time on stuff that doesn’t move you forward?     I’ve had one of them.     Firstly, I’d been having laptop problems so I got a new laptop. But I ended up having problems with the new laptop so I ended up switching again. Let’s…

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I doubt you’ve ever met a person like this

Getting things done

Imagine a person that is consistently successful – not necessarily all the time but more often than not.     Yep – in all probability you’ve met one or more of those people.  You might even be one of them     But add in the following characteristic:     That this person is not disciplined.     Now…

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