The stuff we don’t want to do (to get to where we want to go)


    Over the past two nights I’ve watched two TV shows.     On Wednesday it was “Operation Transformation”.  A man called Paul was getting some tough words from a dietician, Aoife.      Aoife had a food plan mapped out for Paul to follow. But he wasn’t following it.  Given his lifestyle, Paul claimed that he…

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2 quick tips on how to make better decisions

Decision Fatigue

Every day you make decisions.      You typically can’t, with any certainty, know in advance what the result will be.  You just make the best decision you can with the information at your disposal.     And your decisions are sometimes good.  Sometimes bad.  That’s life.  Beating yourself up over mistakes is a waste of time…

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A quick tip to reduce (corrosive) indecision


When I sat down to being writing this morning, I didn’t know what it would be about.     It wasn’t that I had no idea what to write about.  My challenge was choosing from a number of ideas – ideas I collect and file for consideration.  If I just had one idea the choice would…

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Aside from your principles, in everything else be flexible

be flexible so you can grab opportunities

It’s late on a Friday – at least in Ireland.     And I’m much later than normal posting what has sort of become a weekly blog. Or most weeks to be more accurate!     Let me quickly tell you why (the lateness).     I had a sales call earlier today.  It was booked a few…

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The phone: do you ever “need to take this”?

You’re working solo on something that needs your concentration.  Or you’re in a meeting.  Or you’re with someone.     Your mobile phone rings.     Do you know it rings?  If you can hear it yes.  If it’s on silent and close by, or in your pocket, you might still notice its vibration.     Do you…

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Your solution may be right – but is it the only right idea?

Picture the scene.     There’s some issue in your work that you’ve identified.  And it needs a solution to be identified.  And then action is needed to implement that solution.     You’ve genuinely considered it – and you’ve arrived at a solid conclusion as to how to proceed.      But then someone on your…

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Let’s keep the word “failure” in our vocabulary

At some point, be it today or within a couple of months, either Trump or Biden will be declared victorious.     Which means either Trump or Biden will have failed.     It’s black and white.      Failure is tough.  You know this.  I know this.  And for a simple reason – we all fail at…

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What does your market care about?

What do you deserve for your efforts?  A wage/salary based on your efforts?     How do you decide what to pay yourself?  Is it what’s left over (if anything) after you pay the (other) bills?  Or do you decide an amount and then figure out what sales you need to make to allow you to…

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Birds of a feather flock together

    Here’s a guess about you.     At some point, in the distant past, someone urged you to be careful about a person/crowd you were involved with.     It may have been a parent, an older sibling, a teacher.  But, from a position of caring, they felt it important to offer you advice.      And…

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An anchor to support you in making the right decisions

    Negotiations.     Not my strongest suit.      So, to help remedy that, I was listening to a podcast where two project management experts discussed negotiations with a savvy attorney who specialises in litigation.     She definitely knew her stuff.  And in her closing remarks she encouraged listeners to always treat people you encounter (in…

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