Have you ever suffered through a workshop:

    • Where you walk away at the end with no clear picture of what, if anything, happens next?
    • Which drifts interminably past its scheduled completion time?
    • Where the floor is monopolised by people who (are let) speak too much?
    • Where ideas fail to flow?
    • Where boredom sets in?
    • Where there is too much conflict from people with different ideas?

It need not be that way.  Imagine instead a workshop:

    • Where the best ideas are harnessed from a group of people and the total is actually greater than the sum of the individual parts.
    • Where at the end it’s ultra-clear what actions now need to happen – and by whom – and in what sequence.
    • Where the atmosphere is courteous and positive.
    • Where everyone is included.
    • Where there is a free flow of ideas before a healthy convergence to prioritised outcomes.
    • Where things actually end on time.
    • Where people leave with an energised feeling of having been heard and of having contributed to something that will drive your organisation forward.

Now that’s the sort of workshop I’ll facilitate for you.  Email me and we’ll take it from there!