Upward Spiral Community

You’re a business owner – with serious demands on your time and a role that can sometimes be a little bit lonely.

I help people just like you to be more productive. That means getting more of the important stuff done without working more. Or maybe even getting the same amount done while working less!

In this WhatsApp-based community of like-minded peers, you can get help from me and your fellow members on the challenges you face in your business.  There is a particular focus on productivity.

Whatever your challenge is, just message us about it - and I and the other members will do our best to help you.  Recent topics have included:

  • Establishing and clarifying goals for 2024
  • Getting your marketing message "out there" to more people.
  • How to be more enthusiastic and energetic on a Monday morning
  • How to budget better
  • Using accountability as a lever to get more accomplished
  • Tracking the success of your week
  • Blocking out what you can't control

You'll often find that other people have dealt with the challenge your facing.  And vice-versa.  The community works on the basis of reciprocity - other members help you because they'll get help from you.  Whoever doesn't have that mindset won't last long!

What this is not:  This is not a "community" where you simply pay me every month, I drown you with a pile of (never looked at) info, tell you it's worth "thousands", and sit back passively as the money rolls in.  No.  This is an interactive space.  I'm active in it every (week) day, answering questions, posing questions, and making suggestions, providing pointers, etc.  I try and answer people's questions the same day.

Q: What if you don't know the answer or can't help me?  A: I'll tell you that.  But maybe one of the other members will be able to help you.

Q: Is there any 1:1 element to the community?  A: No.  But I do work with people 1:1 through my other services.

Q: Are there meetings?  A: No - there are no meetings.  Everything is asynchronous.

Q: Are you using bots to help answer questions.  A: No - only real humans - me and your fellow-members.  And that will never change.

Q: What are the hours?  The group is "open" 24/7 - though I'm in Ireland.

Q: How do members interact?  A: For now, just on WhatsApp.  That may change in time to something like Slack or equivalent.  But, for now, it's WhatsApp.

Q: Is there a cost?  A: Yes - there is a monthly cost of €20 + VAT (Total €24.60) or the equivalent in your currency.  As of March 6th, 2024, that equates to US$26.70 or £21.03.

Q: Is there a contract?  A: No - there is no contract.  You can cancel anytime.

Q: Is there a free trial?  A: No.  You pay in advance.

Q: Is there a refund?  A: Yes - you can get a full refund no questions asked anytime within the first month.  After that there is no refund but you can cancel at any time.

Q: Will the cost change?  A: The cost when you join will remain your cost for life.

Want to sign up?

Book a free 15-minute slot directly in my calendar for us to talk.  That will help us decide if the service is right for you!