You work at different speeds on different days.

You have different levels of accomplishment on different days.

You have different levels of satisfaction on different days.

And that’s because you’re not a robot.

Your attention and energy levels and motivation and luck are all variables.  None of them are fixed.

That’s just the nature of things.

You can beat yourself up over that.  Get frustrated with yourself and fate.  But it won’t change the underlying reality.

How about acceptance?  Acceptance of the way things actually are.

There’s peace in acceptance.

Recently I was Covid positive with symptoms.  The symptoms were not not bad enough such that I couldn’t work at all.  But neither could I work at my normal intensity.

I was in an “in between” zone of focus & productivity.

You’ll have days or periods like that too.

And that’s ok.

But we keep moving.  Maybe at a slow speed.  Maybe not on the most demanding task in our world.  And maybe not too far.   And we don’t wait to be motivated.

Keep moving!