You look at reality through a lens.

    It’s your lens – and probably isn’t shared by anyone else on this or any other planet.

    Sometimes what you view is accurate.  Perhaps, if you’re naturally humble, inquisitive and discerning, you might even be correct a lot of the time.

    But not always.  And for one simple reason – you’re human.  Humans are limited and fallible.  There’s an external reality out there – independent of whether or not you see it accurately.

    And, given the biases that we’re subject to, it’s more likely to be negative stuff that we don’t see – or don’t want to see.

    And so it is with many issues in your business.  The disgruntled employee won’t magically become your most engaged employee.  The disgruntled client complaining about you on social media won’t magically stop.  The disgruntled supplier won’t just decide to keep supplying you indefinitely without any expectation of being paid.  Your need for sales isn’t hidden by you spending a day watching cat videos on Facebook.

    We can pretend something isn’t the case.  We can procrastinate.  We can put our head in the sand.  But reality carries on regardless.  And, with vanishingly rare exceptions, problems don’t magically disappear.

    They say a fine wine improves with age.

    In contrast, bad news does not improve with age.

    That’s the difference between bad news and fine wine.

    Be honest: do you sometimes hide from bad news instead of dealing with it?

    If the answer’s yes, and you want help with that, book a free discovery-call here  and we can talk!