Have you ever heard of Courtney Dauwalter?

    I hadn’t till I listened to an interview with her some weeks ago.

    She’s among a rare breed – an ultra-runner.  She’s the best female ultra-runner in the world and, for races over 200 miles, she’s the best of any gender.

    Yep – you read that right – over 200 miles. 

    Speaking of races of over 200 miles, there’s a race every year in Utah, USA – it’s called the Moab 240 – and you can guess where the “240” piece comes from.  Courtney won the 2017 edition of the race by over 10 hours.

    At one point in the interview the interviewer asked her what’s her aim when she races.  Is it to win?  To not lose.  To endure?

    She answered that she goes out to compete. He quizzed her further on what she meant by “compete” and she answered that she competes with herself. In real time she simply applies herself as best she can.  Whether she’s ahead or behind doesn’t matter if she knows she’s doing her best.

    That needs self-awareness and self-examination. 

    It takes discipline to adopt that sort of approach.  Discipline just keeps popping up, doesn’t it?  In so many ways it’s a crucial ingredient in your success – doing your best with the resources available to you – with the unique set of challenges you face – as those challenges evolve over time.

    And, no matter what your challenges are, I know what you want.  Less (or no) debt.  More time.  Less stress.  More financial freedom.  So that you can live the life you want to live – even with the demands that business places on you.

    How do you get there? And is there any more important ingredient to success than discipline?

PS: If you could do with a supportive confidante to help you be more disciplined, and to whom you have access each week, get in touch and let’s talk.