Not my strongest suit. 

    So, to help remedy that, I was listening to a podcast where two project management experts discussed negotiations with a savvy attorney who specialises in litigation.

    She definitely knew her stuff.  And in her closing remarks she encouraged listeners to always treat people you encounter (in negotiations) with respect because you never know where you’ll encounter them again.

    Tactically she’s of course correct.  But there’s something sad about her emphasising it purely as a tactic without any mention of it as a principle.

    When we treat employees, customers, suppliers and others well, we increase our chances of being treated well by them. 

    We increase the chances of our employees staying.  Of being more engaged.  Of being more productive. 

    We increase the chances of our customers paying us in a timely manner.  Of buying from us again.  Of referring us to others. 

    So yes, doing these things may help your business.

    But they let you look in the mirror too.  And that’s more important.

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