For 20 years now, since the aftermath of 911, you’ve seen the conflict in Afghanistan – what some called a permanent war.

    It lasted 20 years.  In a country beset by relentless tragedy.

    And the seeds are already there for another conflict – this time between IS and the Taliban.   An Afghan IS group claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack on a mosque last Friday that has killed 50+ people.

    But back to your business.

    And a permanent “war” you are engaged in. It’s obviously nothing like Afghanistan – but it is very real to you.

    What is it?

    It’s a war against distractions.  Distractions are the enemy.  They’re numerous.  They’re everywhere.  They’re resourceful.  And there will be more of them entering the “battlefield”.

    Right now, lots of very bright and well-resourced young brains are designing services/products that will be vying for the attention of your future self.

    Wailing and gnashing of teeth will get you nowhere. It’s action that’s required.   

    With that in mind, what’s the most recent step you’ve taken to guard against distraction?

    What’s the next step you’ll take?