A client sent me an email recently.

    There was a gem of a sentence in it that encapsulates something that could be very beneficial for you.   

    Quick bit of background: she and I have been discussing a need she has in her business to fill a gap to get a particular type of work done.

    She would be well able to do the work herself as she is very capable with many skills.

    The sentence that caught my attention?

    “Right now, we don’t have anyone skilled enough to do this other than me.”

    So – what’s she going to do?

    Not do the work?  No.  It needs doing as it’s necessary for an area of her business that is of strategic importance.

    Defer the work?  No.  The need is now (and will be ongoing).

    That leaves two options – do the work herself or get someone else to do it.

    She has decided to get someone else to do it.

    100% correct.

     She has recognised something her business needs.  And she could do it.  But she recognises that, though it’s something the business needs, it’s not something that she necessarily needs to do.

    Your business is not you.  It may feel like that sometimes but it’s not.

    When your business has a need, and you feel a tendency/urge/compulsion to jump in and do it, hit the pause button.

    The business might be better served by you getting someone else involved.

    Will they do it as well as you will?  Maybe not.  But can they do it well enough?

    If you were to do it, might that mean that you’d be neglecting something of greater importance?

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