I bought my first home in a rising market – over 8 years before the crash.  Others bought just before the crash.  They were no worse than me at judging the market.  They were just less lucky.

    Your business results flow in large part from your actions – which in turn flow in large part from your decisions – which in turn flow from your thinking.

    All true.  But a tad simplistic.  Because it neglects luck.

    Or you might call it randomness.

    Or call it the lottery of life.

    And so it is in business.

    Picture the taxi-driver who earns his money carrying people home from pubs and restaurants as Omicron brings hospitality to a shuddering halt.

    Then there’s me – providing services that can largely be delivered without needing to physically meet clients.

    The taxi-driver didn’t strategically sit down one day and naively choose a profession that would leave his fortunes at the whim of a pandemic.

    And neither did I sit down one day and insightfully design a model of service delivery that doesn’t need in-person face-to-face engagement.

    When you’re successful, remember that luck may be a contributing factor.  It might not be your superb judgement.

    And when things don’t turn out well, don’t take it as a reflection on you and your capabilities.  You may simply have been unlucky.

    Sorry – life isn’t simple.  We live in the grey areas.  There are no guaranteed outcomes.

    But, improve your thinking and decisions and actions and you are guaranteed a greater chance of success.

    Anyone who sells on more than that is a charlatan.

    I help small business-owners improve their productivity – the amount of the important stuff they get done in the controlled & limited amount of time they devote to their business.

    We work a process.  Steadily.  Regularly.  Relentlessly.  There are no outcome guarantees.  But, if you follow the process, you are guaranteed a greater chance.

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