I saw this tweet recently:

    “Sometimes I forget that Elon Musk has always been a privileged rich kid & Elon Musk’s daddy owned an emerald mine & Elon Musk walked around with jewels in his pockets & Elon Musk didn’t start Tesla, he just ousted the founders & Elon Musk has never invented anything…

    The writer (Michael Harriot) correctly doesn’t want Musk on a pedestal.  He also stresses how inequality of opportunity ensures that the playing field of life is seldom level. 

    But life hasn’t been a bed of roses for Musk either.

    He was seriously bullied as a child – once being hospitalised.

    He is estranged from his father.

    He lost his first-born child.

    No one gets off in this life.  And it’s very difficult to walk in someone else’s shoes – to truly know what they’re dealing with.

    So yeah – life is unfair.  Opportunities are not equal. 

    But be careful who you compare yourself to. 

    For example, the fact that you can read this LinkedIn post means that you can read AND that you’ve access to some form of electronic device.  That puts you ahead of about 4 billion people.

    The best person to compare you to?

    It’s you.

    Your business cannot be better than you.  But let’s get positive now and let’s turn that statement around.  If you improve you, then there’s a decent chance you’ll improve your business!

    And one area that you can always improve is your productivity.

    Have you a clear definition of productivity?

    I define it as follows: your productivity as a business-owner is how much of the important stuff you get done in the controlled & limited amount of time you devote to your business. 

    And that’s what I do with clients – helping them identify and complete the important work necessary to move their business forward.

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