A few days ago a friend of mine asked on Facebook for recommendations for someone to remove a tree stump for her.

I jokingly answered suggesting her husband – who’s brilliant at DIY.

She said “he’s just too busy“.

But is he?

I answered: “as I say to my clients: it’s not that he’s too busy, it’s just not important enough“.

Then it got interesting. She said that “he wanted to do it“.

Intrigued I read on. And then we got to the real truth: “I’d rather someone else do it and him and I go for a Harley ride instead“.

He wasn’t too busy.

She just put a much higher value on the Harley ride.

And she’s 100% right. Life is short. Will anyone on their deathbed look back and say, “I should have done that gardening work instead of taking that Harley ride“?

We always have choices. Even when things are incredibly busy.

You have another week coming next week. Another week when the requests on your time will exceed your capacity. That’s just the nature of things for us in business.

So it’s about choices.

What’s the best use of your time?

Imagine that you do plan the week in advance and you can see that your plans are for a full week’s work.

And then, with your nice plan in place, something new lands in your plate. And you literally don’t have time for it.

What to do?

You can suck it up and do it – neglecting family/health/friends/hobbies.

Or you can delegate or delete it.

Or you can look at it alongside your other commitments and perhaps put it into your schedule instead of something less important.

You always have choices.

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