It was early last week.  My son had been putting school-bags and coats and musical instruments into the car before leaving for school.

“Yes son?”

“Check out the sunrise” he answered.

So I walked out the front door and there it was – right outside our front door.

5 or 6 minutes later when the engine had begun to heat the car and the windows were defrosted the spectacular sunrise was gone – the fire in the sky replaced by colouring more suited to a February morning, i.e., dull & grey!

Every day we’re presented with an opportunity to push ahead – to progress things in some way.  If you messed up one day you get a chance the next day to take remedial action.  If you have an idea you get a chance to implement it.  If you see an opportunity you get a chance to grasp it.

Day after day after day…

Every 24 hours you (and I) get this chance.

I don’t know about you but I find that fact incredibly hopeful.

And you don’t even necessarily need to wait until tomorrow.  Depending on the time of day where you are right now, and what remains on your plate for today, you may have the capacity to change gears in some way right now.

Here’s something you can do – and it’s totally free and won’t distract you from your work whatsoever.  Next time you’re on the throne, or in traffic, or just perhaps day-dreaming, take a minute or two and think of just one small tweak you can make in your business.

Just one.

Because, barring Trump & Kim Jong-un annihilating us overnight, you’ll have an opportunity tomorrow to implement that tweak!

PS: Ideas are great.  But execution is where things happen.  I’d wager that you have a gap between your ideas and your implementation.  We all have that gap.  And most of us, except perhaps for people like Elon Musk, need help to bridge it.  I’ve a mastermind group that provides that bridge for people.  Email me if you want to learn more.