Last week I was on a call with a few people – and we were trying to help a guy.

    His problem? Prioritisation.

    More specifically, what should you do when it feels like everything‘s a priority? Has that ever happened to you? When it does happen, one solution would be to clone yourself.

    However, the technology is not quite there – at least it isn’t in a safe & regulated way.  And, even if it was, you’d be approaching retirement, be retired, or be dead by the time your clone was able to help you!

    So I’m afraid cloning isn’t the solution.

    You’ve maybe heard of the 4 Ds – they are:

  1. Do
  2. Delete
  3. Defer
  4. Delegate

    And yes – when a new task enters your world, the 4 Ds is a great way to “triage”.

    But all small business-owners sometimes face the reality of not being able to delete, defer or delegate.

    What then?

    It’s tough isn’t it?

    I’ve been there.  And my clients have been there.

    We know it’d be better to somehow prevent it happening but, in the real world, it does happen.

    And, when it happens, you still need to be able to do the best you can, with what you have, where you are.  A system.  A process.  A way of calmly negotiating obstacles while still moving forward.

    What might such a system look like?

    How about giving that a bit of thought? And perhaps there are kindred spirits whom you could brainstorm this with.  Not academics.  But people who are in the trenches – just like you.

    You obviously won’t be able to prevent the “everything’s a priority” phenomenon from happening again.  But you can better prepare yourself for the next time it does happen.

PS: I’m building a virtual community of small business owners to deal with real challenges just like this. If you’re interested, email me.