How do you define productivity?

    Working more hours to get more done?

    Doing things faster so that you get more done per unit of time?  That’s a classic definition.

    Or how about doing things better so that you get more quality work done in the same time?

    Is it doing less unimportant stuff so that you’ve more time for important stuff?  Or perhaps simply doing less unimportant stuff to free up time for non-work stuff?

    Not such a simple question eh?

    For example, imagine you’re on the hamster wheel of business.  If you “run” faster you won’t get off the wheel.  You need a different approach.

    Or if you squeeze in more unimportant work, your bottom line won’t improve.  Again, you need a different approach.

   Here’s how I define “good” productivity: how much of the important stuff you get done in the controlled & limited amount of time you devote to your business.


    Because you’ve a life to live outside of work! You get one shot at life here – it’s not a dress rehearsal. You’ve relationships to nurture – or to pursue!  A stress level to maintain at reasonable levels.  Hobbies to enjoy.  A community to possibly give something back to.  A body & mind to be good to.  Perhaps an aging parent to support.  DIY on your home to do – that hedge of ours isn’t going to stop encroaching on the neighbour’s garden unless I take action.

    The hustle culture?  I detest it.

    The glorification of being “busy”?  I’m reminded of my favourite quote – attributed to Charles De Gaulle: “The graveyards are full of indispensable men“. 

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