Chances are you’re reading this prior to December 31st.  Chances are you’re reading this prior to stopping work for the holidays.

    Which means that for you, today is not the day when vast numbers of people make new year resolutions that they typically break within 2 months – sometimes far sooner.

    Which means that there are work days available to you this year.

    And each day brings opportunities.  An opportunity for a new beginning.

    An opportunity for you to increase your aerobic activity – something proven to help cognitive function and your mood – both of which affect your performance and productivity.

    An opportunity to not look at your email before you begin your working day.  I saw a poll on LinkedIn last week where, at last count, 93% of respondents were checking their email before they begin “work”.  Whose agenda are you following if all those people’s requests/needs are impacting on your noggin before you’ve even considered or started work on what the most important task for you is?

    An opportunity for you to plan the next day rather than just reacting.

    An opportunity for you to review 2021, including celebrating its successes.

    An opportunity for you to plan 2022 so that, whenever you return to work after the New Year, you know exactly what you’re going to launch into.

    The list goes on. 

    Start today.  Start now.  The best time to implement positive change is immediately.