Last night before bed I checked CNN for the headlines; front and centre was a story on the upcoming Harry & Meghan interview with Oprah.

    This morning I turned on the radio to get the 8:30 news headlines (and sports news).  An ex-BBC royal correspondent was discussing, with of course the required gravitas, how the interview had gone and its bombshells.

    The news was delayed till 8:35.  And when the “news” did arrive, the second story was…. guess what?

    Maybe I’m in a minority of not caring an iota about that “story”.  I actually find the idea of a hereditary monarchy (with its associated wealth and title as head of a church) to be ridiculous.  For me the only benefit of that interview is that it provides fodder for my marketing!

    You’ve 24 hours each day.  The same amount as the most successful people in the world.  And there are reasons they’re successful.  And there are ways you can be more successful – however you define that.

    And a core part of that is how you choose to spend your time.

    Every day that you’re lucky enough to wake up, you get a chance to make dozens, if not hundreds, of decisions.  And lots of them revolve around deciding where to spend that time.  Those 24 hours.  Those 1440 minutes.

    Time is one of your most valuable “assets”.  It’s right up there with your health, your family, your brain.

    How to utilise it is your decision.  And your decision alone.