It comes and goes doesn’t it?

    When you have it you get things done with energy.

    But what happens when it’s not there?

    What’s the solution?  Because, let’s face it, you’ll never be motivated all the time.  You might have a bad night’s sleep.  Or a fight with your partner.  Or kids being particularly draining.  Or some IT issues breaking your momentum.  Or your rhythm is disrupted from travel.  Or clients are seeing you as a commodity rather than as a trusted partner.  Or reaching your goals seeming to be as far away as ever.  Or…  The list of possible motivation-drainers is endless. 

    And you’ll still have the same responsibilities even when you’re not motivated.

    So what to do?

    You’re experienced.  You know there’s no magic wand here.  No silver bullet.

    Maybe you can occasionally take a break from work.  But you can’t do that every time the motivation levels are low.

    If there’s no “trick”, what can you do?

    Might you be able to accept, deep inside, that you cannot afford to wait to be motivated?  I spoke a little more about this in a 1-minute video a few years ago.  I hope it helps you – if only a little.