What tactics do you use to generate new leads for your business?

    Do you measure the results?

    What do you do when a tactic’s performance deteriorates or stops working altogether?

    I’ve work to do on this myself.

    One of my tactics is Facebook Lead Ads – and it’s not working as well as it did earlier in the year.

    So, what do I do?

    Wail and gnash the teeth?

    Ignore the results and hope they’ll magically improve?

    Thankfully there are other options:

    I can change the ads, e.g., take the best performing one and do a new split test.

    Or re-target the same ads at a slightly different target audience.

    Or get someone who knows more than me to take a look.

    Or, if I’ve more important things to do than any of the above, turn off the ads so I stop paying (by impression)?

    Maybe there are other options too.

    When we’re faced with challenges, there is very rarely a situation where there is absolutely nothing we can do.

    Obviously there’s no point in beating dead horses.  But my horse – the use of Facebook Lead Ads for lead generation – is nowhere near being dead.

    Take something in your business that isn’t working as well as you’d like.  What can you do about it?

    You’ve the freedom to do nothing.  But be ready for the consequences – as you’re the one responsible for them!

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