What do you deserve for your efforts?  A wage/salary based on your efforts?

    How do you decide what to pay yourself?  Is it what’s left over (if anything) after you pay the (other) bills?  Or do you decide an amount and then figure out what sales you need to make to allow you to do that?

    It’s lunchtime Friday as I type this.  The last day of a short 4-day week in Ireland.    And my “time-sheet” for the week so far shows I’ve worked 41.5 hours already.  A decent chunk. 

    Cause for back-clapping?  No.

    Cause for paying myself extra?  No.

    I derive my revenue from the market.  And the market doesn’t care about me

    The market though will decide my income. 

    Am I providing value?  Is that provision of value visible to a defined target market?  Does that target market have a need that I can satisfy?  Can I sell that solution at a price that provides value to the market and profit to me?

They’re the questions that matter.  Not the hours I work.

    Think of the last thing you bought – whether personally or professionally.  Did you even think about how many hours went in to getting that product/service to you? 

    My paying customers deserve value from me. 

    Your paying customers deserve value from you.

    Provide it! 

    And the more effectively you do that, the greater your productivity will be, and the greater your bottom line will be!

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