It’s subjective isn’t it?

    And that’s the case whether it’s personal or business.

    Personal: I spoke with a friend recently.  Success to him at the moment is just putting one foot in front of the next as he deals with the recent loss of his mother.

    Business: Another friend thinks he as a reasonable chance of quadrupling the size of his business this year through a targeted acquisition.  If he can manage that he’ll consider 2023 a successful year.

    It’s good to have an idea of what success means.  Otherwise, you drift – and it can be hard to know whether a particular event or outcome is positive or negative.

    I’m not saying anything new.  You’ve heard it before.  And that’s because there’s a timelessness about this.  It’s about 2,000 years since Seneca said:

    “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.

    With your business hat on, what does success mean to you?

    Have you clearly defined it?

    Have you written it down? 

    Can you clearly state it if asked?

    Have you defined the goals & actions required to move you forward?

    Are your daily actions aligned in pursuit of that progress? 

    Are you doing the work? 

    If you can answer “yes” to those 7 questions you’re well on the way!

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