Kitty Mrache owns the world’s most booked Airbnb property- a fairly inaccessible mushroom-shaped cabin deep in the California redwoods.

    Does she charge as much as she could?


    Is she rich?


    Why the lower prices?

    “I don’t want just the techies to stay here

    “I want it to be accessible to all different types of people.”

    That’s what success looks like to her.

    What’s yours?  Have you a definition of success as you see it?

    Others will try and bamboozle you with that they think success for you is.  And, by an incredible coincidence, achieving what they consider success often entails using/buying a product or service that they sell.

    Funny that eh?

    Success is subjective.  You know best.  Not anyone else.  And definitely not me.

    My clients typically surprise me when I learn what success means to them.  And without exception it always extends beyond business.  Their business isn’t an end in itself.  It’s always only a vehicle for achieving something else.

    Sometimes their definition isn’t too clear.  And that definition needs work.  And we do that work.

    But, once defined, it’s like an anchor and a super-filter – a filter that allows them to exclude work and people that are not helping their journey.

    If you don’t have a definition of success – get defining!  And, if you’d like help with that, email me –