Here are two different people:

  1. This person loves an audience.  They’re very articulate and talk a lot about what they’re going to do.
  2. This other person is not necessarily shy.  Not necessarily an introvert.  But just quietly goes about their business and does stuff.

    With your business hat on, which would you prefer to be?

    Sometimes there is crossover.  You may remember Usain Bolt – arguably the greatest sprinter of all-time.  He was charismatic.  Loved an audience.  Spoke confidently about what he was going to do.  And then did it.

    But he was exceptional.  Like Muhammad Ali.

    But those two extraordinary men also worked exceptionally hard. 

    Ali was once asked how many sit-ups a day he did.  His answer?  “I don’t know because I don’t start counting until it hurts.

    A few days ago I was out for a run – glacial by Bolt standards.  And I saw a kid practicing his hurling skills.  (Hurling’s an Irish field sport – arguably the best in the world).  I’ve known him for years – I used to coach him at soccer.  It was just him and me in the park – not another soul.

    Let’s call him “John”.

    “John” is naturally athletic.  And very talented.  But there was no audience in the park.  Before I arrived it had just been him.  Practicing alone.

    I stopped to say hello – and told him of a quote I like from Usain Bolt – “I do the important work behind the scenes“.  “John” was doing that – important work behind the scenes.

    If “John” continues working behind the scenes he’ll, barring injury, go places.

    So can you in your business.  Notwithstanding luck, it’s about your thinking.  Your choices.  Your actions.  Your attention to what’s important.  Your focus.  Your discipline.

    How would you rate yourself on those fronts?

    As Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame says, “Great ideas are a dime-a-dozen. It’s executional skills that are rare.

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