Looking to accomplish more?

To get more done?

To achieve more?

Do Any of These Apply to You?

  • I'm busy but I want to achieve more.
  • I've too many responsibilities - I’m drowning in everything that needs to be done.
  • I work for myself - there's just too much to do.
  • I'm sometimes paralysed by analysis and fail to take enough action.
  • Sometimes I lack focus and can drift a bit.
  • I work hard but I want to see more progress.
  • I sometimes miss deadlines and fail to meet targets.
  • Things are chaotic.
  • I can slip into being focussed too much on knowing and not enough on actually doing.
  • I feel I could be more productive.
  • I’m not accountable to anyone for actually getting stuff done!

Do Any of These Appeal to You?

  • Get more of the right stuff done.
  • Ensure a minimal gap between my intentions and my actions.
  • Be more effective.
  • Boost my productivity.
  • Bring calm into my work life.
  • Avoid procrastination.

"When we started working together Brendan quickly got an understanding of what my overall plans were, the targets I was setting myself, and how I intended to achieve them.  I’d tell him what I intended to do, and he’d then offer some questions and suggestions that helped me improve those goals.  However, it was the regular review of what I had done versus what I’d said I’d do that was most beneficial.  The key learning for me being that I sometimes bit off more than I could chew.  Accountability is VITAL to self-employed people like me. Without it we can become wandering generalities!  ANYONE who says they are struggling needs it.  Anyone who is saying they are swamped needs it. In fact anyone self-employed - no matter what (positive) impression they give of how they’re doing."  Robbie Moloney, Selling Solutions, Dublin, Ireland

What You Get

I'll work 1:1 with you on a weekly basis using a predictable and easy to grasp approach.

  • You'll gain clarity, focus and control.
  • No more working too much for too little a reward.
  • No more overwhelm.
  • No more feeling like your business is a burden.
  • No more neglect of relationships/health/hobbies.


You get a 100% refund at any time during your first month if you're not completely happy.

There is no contract.  You use the service only as long as it is useful to you.  And you can cancel at any time.


Book a free 15-minute slot directly in my calendar for us to talk.  That will help us both determine if the service is right for you and if you're a good fit.