I’m a tactic agnostic” is how a marketing mentor described himself to me once.

    I was intrigued.

    He wasn’t being spiritual.

    He was simply saying that he never ties himself to the use of any particular marketing method.

    His core point was, no matter what tactic or tactics you use – twitter, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, print advertisements, direct mail, seminars, etc., what really matters is more fundamental.  And one of the fundamentals is your message.

    The best definition of marketing I’ve come across is that it’s delivering the right message at the right time to the right people though the right medium.

    The timing is important.  As is the definition of the target.  As is the decision on how to reach them.

    But all of those depend on the message – that’s the core.  Without it, the other elements don’t matter.

    What’s core to what you do?  Is it clear in your head?

     I got an email recently from a friend who’s one of my email subscribers and who said that:

    “Your mails happen to arrive when the advice therein is needed most.

    But I’m not clairvoyant.  I’ve no ability to divine what someone needs – particularly when we haven’t spoken in a couple of months.

    The “trick”?  There is none.  I simply focus in my writing on the stuff that’s timeless:

  • The best person to compare ourselves to is ourselves.
  • We are our own biggest limiting factor.
  • We get a majority of our results from a minority of our efforts.
  • Nothing happens without action.
  • Accountability boosts goal achievement.
  • Time is better spent on the controllables rather than the stuff that’s outside of our control.
  • Etc.

    Tactics are necessary.  Tactics are good.  But they’re not foundational.  

    You want to resonate with people?  Tap into what’s foundational.

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