Don’t worry.

    This blog post isn’t (just) an encouragement to eat an elephant one bite at a time.  You’ve heard that one on many occasions – including perhaps from me.  It’s a classic:

  • Break down large projects into small steps.
  • Doing that makes things less intimidating because you can take the first step.

Today, like nearly every other day, you’ll take some small steps to move projects forward.  And that’s how stuff gets done – one step at a time.

But there’s another reason to take small steps.

They change your view!

Stay where you are now and you see stuff.  But you miss lots.

Take a step forward and your view changes.

You might see around corners (possibilities).

You might also have a higher elevation (perspectives).

You just need to move!

And, even if new possibilities don’t open up for you, and even if you don’t get new perspectives, you are moving towards your goals.

If I tell you I help people be “more productive” it sounds process orientated.  If I tell you I help people accomplish more, it’s maybe a bit better.

But none of that is an end in itself is it?

Because you’re not working just for the sake of it.

You’re ultimately interested in outcomes such as being able to help support your family, feeling like you’re achieving things, etc.

So you take steps, every day.

If you want a business confidante supporting you, helping you identify the best steps to take, and in what sequence and in what direction, email me and we’ll quickly (I promise) determine if I can help you.