The brain is a mystery. 

    But, as with any endeavour where we use the scientific method, we are able to progressively learn more.

    Back in the late 1950s, a Swedish scientist called Arvid Carlsson showed that dopamine is a neurotransmitter whose absence is a contributor to Parkinson’s disease.  He was eventually awarded a Nobel Prize for that work.

    We’ve continued since then to learn more about dopamine.  It’s released by the brain when we anticipate pleasure.  It’s also released by the brain when we experience pleasure, e.g., during sex.

    But you don’t need to have sex to get a dopamine release.  You also get it when you achieve a goal at work – when you take care of an item on your todo list.

    But therein lies a risk. 

    Imagine that you habitually populate your todo list with items that are easy to take care of – that take little time and require little brainpower.  This could cause the more impactful or important tasks to be neglected.

    But you want dopamine so that you feel good.

    So what’s the answer?


    Give yourself a few items each morning that you can knock off easily and quickly.  Then you’ll have the dopamine to motivate you for the more challenging stuff!

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