Writing Services

You need help with writing.  It may be that you need material proofed or edited.  Or perhaps completely new material for your website.  Or emails written to your target market.  Or you may wish to upskill yourself and/or members of your organisation.  See below for more detail on how I can help.



You’re texting your kids and you make a typo.  No big deal – unless that is it leads to an important misinterpretation!  The same applies sometimes to emailing members of your team.  But, when you’re producing something more important, precision & accuracy are necessary.  At the very least there should be no spelling or grammatical mistakes.  If I proof your material it will be error-free – and I guarantee that.



Your material has been proofed.  There are no spelling or grammatical mistakes.  But it might not be ready for daylight yet.  Is it getting the point across?  Does it flow?  Does it cover all the bases?  Is it verbose?  Is it using the right tone?  Are there enough paragraphs?  Is it boring?  Repetitious?  Has it the correct layout?  I’ll edit it so that you can confidently release it.


Website Content

Your website needs copy.  You might be looking to freshen it up.  Or perhaps to describe some new product or service you’re offering.  Or you want an article that provides value to your target market and which showcases your expertise.  You have a good sense inside your own head of what you’re looking for.  But writing isn’t your forte.  You want to talk about and describe what you want to someone – so that they can write it for you.  You might even want to give them some skeletal material for them to work with.  I’ll work closely with you to get it just right.


Email marketing

If done right, email marketing offers your business a superb way of staying in touch with your target market.  I’ll write your emails for you – at a (regular) frequency that we agree on – in your tone – and on topics that you provide.  The result?  You’ll be fostering relationships with your list – they’ll know, like and trust you.  On occasion the emails will ask them to take action as a result of what you’ve written.  But also, when they feel a need for the service/product you provide, you’ll be the first (and maybe only) provider they’ll think of.


Writing workshops

Its or It’s?  You’re or Your?  Practice or Practise?  Whilst or While?  Criteria or Criterion?  The list of where mistakes can be made goes on.  I’ll run a fun & interactive workshop for you and/or your team.  The result?  Simple.  They’ll write better.

Email me and we’ll take it from there!