Project Management


You and/or people in your organisation have projects that need management.  And you need help.  It may be that you need a project manager (PM) to actually do the management of a project.  Or a PM to coach you or your people as you or they project manage an actual project.  Or a PM that can teach project management to you and/or your people.

If any of the above describes you than I can help you.  See below for more detail!


You need a project managed but you don’t have the in-house capability.  For whatever reason(s) you don’t want to take on the overhead of an employed PM.  It may be that you don’t envisage an on-going need.  Or you think an internal person can grow into the role.  Whatever the reason, you have a near-term need for a hands-on “in the trenches” PM.


You need a project or projects managed.  And you want your own people to do the project management.  However they’re inexperienced in the discipline of project management.  You want to give them the responsibility – but to have someone coaching them supportively as they grow their own capabilities managing real projects.


Project management is a discipline and it can be taught.  You want such training for you and/or your people in your team.

Email me and we’ll take it from there!