2019 nears its end.


    One of mine was on the sporting field where Dublin won the famous 5-in-a-row, a feat never before achieved by a men’s county GAA team in the GAA’s 135-year history.

    And all those victories were overseen by Jim Gavin who recently stepped down from his role as manager.

    When someone achieves something like that, particularly in an amateur capacity, their words count.  Jim has earned respect through his actions and the results he has achieved.

    And one thing he said after resigning really resonated with me.  He was talking about the commitment he’d freely given to the role when he said:

    “One’s life is defined by the choices you make.”

    Ok – it’s a tad simplistic.  For example, we’ve all seen people fall victim to horribly unlucky tragedies of one sort or another.  But there’s wisdom in what Jim says.

    You and I are lucky.  We have today.  We’re above ground.  I get to write this.  You get to read this.  After we’re both done we’ll move on to something else.  And what will that something else be?

    It’s a choice.

    Every day brings another day during which we get the chance to make lots of choices.

    So what’s next?  Is it watch some cat videos on Facebook?  Or maybe think about how to drive your business or organisation forward in 2020?

    Your life is (largely) defined by the choices you make.  So is mine.  And Jim, with that one sentence, has captured something that we would all do well to bear in mind.

    Will we work together in 2020?  That’s a choice for you to make!

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