What marketing (if any) do you do?


Maybe advertising on the radio? Maybe email marketing?  Tweets? Posts?  Articles?  Video?  Press releases?  SEO?  Pay-per-click?  The list goes on…

    Do you ever wonder what the best approach for you to take is?

    Here’s a thought: Stop.

    And go deeper.

    And consider this: what is common to them all those tactics? 

    The answer is your message.

    What is that message?  Can you articulate it clearly?  Even to the mirror with no one listening?

    Get that message right before you consider what marketing channels to use.

    Be a tactic agnostic until you have your message clear.  Then, and not before then,  you can decide what are the best marketing tactics are to deliver your message to the right people at the right time in the right way.

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