Doubtless you’ve heard the cliché that you reap what you sow.

    And you’ll be familiar with the analogy behind needing to wait till harvest to do that reaping of what was sown in the spring.

    Recently I let Spotify do its thing while I was doing some housework – letting it choose songs it thought I might like.  And it came up with an absolute gem from a duo I’d never heard of.  Pitch perfect.  Gorgeous harmonies.  And lyrics that included:

    I know
    That things just don’t grow
    If you don’t bless them with your patience

    Perhaps it was the word “patience” that caught my attention. 

    You’ve heard “nothing ventured nothing gained“.  And the idea that failure can be a teacher if you the pupil learn from it.  But sometimes we want an immediate result.  To do the experiment, get the result, tweak, and go again – as soon as possible.  

    That is laudable.  But it’s not always possible.

    If you’ve tried SEO in your digital marketing, you’ll know that it takes time to bear fruit.  And, during that time, you’ve to trust the process – or trust the SEO company if you’ve commissioned one to do the work.

    SEO is just one example of where patience is needed.  There are lots of others.  New employees need time and proactive attention to become the best they can be for you.  Research needs time as you explore something.  Branding needs time to penetrate into the consciousness of your target market.

    Yes – having a mindset of dynamic test->measure->refine->do->test can be invaluable.

    Have processes.

    Work those processes.

    Refine those processes.

    But, when a gap in time is required, bless that something with your patience.

PS:  And the song?  Here it is.