Money talks in English soccer.

    Far more than it did when I was a kid.

    It reared its head again recently when the Premier League referred Manchester City to an independent commission because the League alleges over 100 breaches of its financial rules.

    Time will tell what’ll happen.  Of one thing we can be sure – Man City will defend themselves vigourously. 

    Leave Man City and go four miles southwest across Manchester and you get to Old Trafford – home of their rivals Man Utd – currently managed by Erik ten Hag.  He was asked last week for his comments on the situation.

    His answer caught my attention:

    “I don’t have an opinion….  I’m not here for financial matters, or for regulations.  I’m a football manager, so I stick to that.

    Is that a cop out?  Or is it someone minding their own business?

    Let’s turn the lens now in your direction.  Don’t worry – I’m not asking you your opinion on financial shenanigans in soccer.  I’ve a different question for you:

   With your business hat on, how would you rate yourself at minding your own business?  At staying in your own lane?

    One simple way for you to be able to say “yes” to more appropriate opportunities for your business is to increase the number of things you say “no” to.

    You don’t have to have an opinion on everything.  Neither do you need to express all the opinions you do have.

    There are things that are important to you – and to your business.  There are areas in which you should be working to build your authority.  The “trick” is being selective and intentional with what you focus on and what you say.

    Stay in your own lane!

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