Imagine you want to be happier.

So you set yourself a goal of being happier.

Now what?

What are you actually going to do to try and reach that goal?

You can’t just be happier by wanting it.

Being happier is the desired outcome.  But, in order to progress towards it, you need to define some actions and then perform those tasks.

So – what can you do?

For example, you might decide to become healthier by improving your diet, exercising more, and ensuring you get sufficient sleep.

But what does “improving your diet” actually mean?  It too is just an outcome goal.  So again you need to get more specific.  “Eat an apple every day.”  “Don’t eat after 9pm.”  “Add fruit juice to the breakfast routine.”  “Restrict red meat to once a week.”  “Eliminate full-fat milk.”

So yes – dream.

And yes – envisage a better future.

But you need a pathway to get there.  You need to define tasks and then perform those tasks.    Otherwise your dream or aspiration will stay just that.

Helping you define tasks and then performing them is exactly what I do.  Book a call and we’ll have a quick chat about firming up your journey towards achieving those desired outcomes

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