Many years ago I lived in Pennsylvania, one of the 13 colonies that in time became the US.

    It was named after William Penn who had been “given” the land by King Charles 2nd because Penn’s Dad had been owed money by the King.

    And the reason I mention Penn?

    He’s credited with a quote: “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.

    Some of us in business have more time these days.  Some of it is time we’d prefer not to have, e.g., time freed up because we’re serving customers less because we’ve fewer customers.  Some of it is time we have because we’re not commuting as much and we’re not going to as many business meetings.

    If you’re in that boat, what are you doing with that time?

    Spending more with family and friends?  Exercising more?  Doing projects around the house?

    That’s all good but there’s an additional way to use the time.

    You know that idea of working on the business rather than in the business?    Will there ever be a better time than right now to work on it?

    The recovery is coming – it’s a question of when not if.  How are you positioned?  How’s your cash flow?  Survival is obviously number 1.  But, beyond that, what can you do to better position you and your business for the inevitable recovery?

    If you have the time, take some of it and think about such questions!  Because of one thing you can be guaranteed – the businesses that will thrive in the future are investing in that future now!

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