I got an email a while ago.

Its subject began with “Double Your Productivity…”

I’ve also seen “Triple your [insert word of choice]…”

There’s even a new verb in the language – you’ll sometimes see “10x your…”  Actually, I just googled “10x your” and got 465,000 hits.

Ok – sometimes you can make serious changes that cause you to multiply something. But such changes are not common.

And most such headlines are BS.  They’re overselling.  Using clickbait.

They pass through your irritation filter.  You know they’re BS.

With my clients, we identify changes and improvements they can make.

These initiatives don’t need to be earth-shattering.  They’re not “10x”.  But they are in the right direction.

And implementing them engenders a sense of control, of progress, of positivity.

As Robbie says:

“When we started working together Brendan quickly got an understanding of what my overall plans were, the targets I was setting myself, and how I intended to achieve them.  I’d tell him what I intended to do, and he’d then offer some questions and suggestions that helped me improve those goals.  However, it was the regular review of what I had done versus what I’d said I’d do that was most beneficial.  The key learning for me being that I sometimes bit off more than I could chew.  Accountability is VITAL to self-employed people like me. Without it we can become wandering generalities!  ANYONE who says they are struggling needs it.  Anyone who is saying they are swamped needs it. In fact anyone self-employed – no matter what (positive) impression they give of how they’re doing.”

Go here to find out more and to perhaps join Robbie as an Accountability client.

Worried about the time commitment?  This can be productive for you in as little as 10 minutes a week.  That comprises 5 minutes of you thinking and 5 minutes sending me an email.

Doubtful of the benefit?  I’m confident that we can immediately get you more focussed.  But you’re not me.  So there’s a 2-week free trial so that you can draw your own evidence-based conclusions.

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