Imagine a person that is consistently successful – not necessarily all the time but more often than not.

    Yep – in all probability you’ve met one or more of those people.  You might even be one of them

    But add in the following characteristic:

    That this person is not disciplined.

    Now what happens?

    How many people have you ever met (or even heard of) who have been consistently successful and who are ill-disciplined in how they approach their work?

    For most of us the answer is zero.  The closest I ever got was someone with serious brains and a near photographic memory who coasted through college.  (I don’t know what happened in his life after that.)

    To be successful you need to take consistent action.  You need to do things.

    Doing things brings success or, through failure, gives you feedback that you can then use to change course.  Sometimes to even reverse course.

    But you can’t change your course in a vacuum.  Or, more precisely, changing course in a random direction is nearly always nuts.  One exception might be if you’re suffering inertia and you just need to change something!

    So getting things done is necessary.  And the “secret” to getting things done is discipline.

    Jim Rohn said: “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day“.

    And the same thing applies even if you think success is more a journey than a destination.

    If you’ve nailed this discipline thing that’s great.  Just keep turning up.  Keep grafting.  Even on the days when you don’t feel like it.

    On the other hand, if you need some help with discipline, have a look at this.

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