What can you accomplish today?

    It depends on a number of factors – including the opportunities that are open to you, the tools & supports you have in place, your plan, your mindset, your discipline, etc.

   But another factor is your capabilities.

    Your capabilities limit what you can accomplish.  You may be able to recruit or outsource or delegate to more capable people.  But, when it comes to you personally, your capabilities apply a ceiling to what’s possible.

    And you doubtless have ideas as to what’s possible in your business – given your capabilities.  And perhaps you plan accordingly.

    But you’re human – a member of a unique species – a creature with the capacity for self-awareness.  You perhaps know some things about yourself you could improve.  You perhaps have the humility and the people in your life who can point out your potential to improve. 

    In a nutshell: you can grow your own capabilities.

    And with such growth comes increased potential.  So stop thinking of what’s possible with your current capabilities.  Instead, think of what’s possible if you enhance your capabilities!

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