I sat down to work one recent Tuesday morning.

And I didn’t know what to do.

The reason?

I’d failed the previous day to identify what needed to be done first on Tuesday.

I’d failed to observe my ritual.

It’s a little ritual I have at the end of the working day. Write down (on paper) the tasks to do the next day with the main one clearly identified.

Doing so ensures that, on most days, I start work by looking at the list and immediately know what to do.

Perhaps you prefer to compile the list in the morning. That can work too. Though doing the list in the morning does preclude the possibility of your subconscious doing some work overnight on the identified priority.

One way or another though, you need to be purposeful about what you’re doing. You compile the list. Then you do the main thing. Then the next thing. Then the next thing…

Later that Tuesday I collected my son from school because he was sick. As I looked around the schoolyard at the people collecting kids, it registered with me that I’m edging closer to the grandparent age group than the parent age group.

All the more reason why I need to be careful to minimise those days when I’ve a directionless start!

Are there productivity habits that you sense you could benefit from?

It has been said that the best time to plant an oak tree is 50 years ago – but that the second best time to plant one is now. Today.

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