Recently I was at a meeting of our local Chamber of Commerce.

    The topic was the importance of training – and its benefits.

    Training can make current employees more productive. 

    It can reduce the risk of current employees leaving.  (And in this marketplace the cost of staff turnover has increased further.)

    It can upskill new employees.

    People at the meeting were talking about the challenge of getting the time to do training.

    I suggested a re-frame of the question.  Rather than figuring out how to get the time to do training, I suggested people embed training as an anchor in their activities.  To move it from being a desirable after-thought to treating it as a core activity. 

    How to get the time to do what you need to do?

    Stop trying to get the time.  Make the time.

    You can apply this to other things too.

    I don’t try and do exercise after all the important stuff is done.  Exercise is important so I schedule it in (at the expense of some other less important stuff). 

    What do you need to make time for instead of forlornly trying to get the time for it after all the other stuff is taken care of? 

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