These days, nearly all businesses and homes are mindful of energy costs.

    Sadly, some businesses have even had to close their doors because of the rapid and severe increase.

    The numbers don’t lie – your profit and loss will tell you the situation.

    Perhaps you’re managing your energy costs – being a little more careful of usage, considering changes in providers, etc. That would be good energy management.

    But what about the other energy?  Your own physical & mental energy?  Are you managing that?

    One night recently I was reading a history book about the English Civil War – and a particularly complex sentence proved too much for my tired brain. Yes – the subject matter was complex.  But the main problem was simply that I was mentally tired.

    As you go about your day at work, there are a lot of things on your mind.  You’re thinking about meetings you have.  What calls you need to make/return.  Perhaps what fires you need to put out.  What information you need from others in order to move things forward.  That sort of thing.

    But what about your energy levels?

    Oftentimes we make a mistake.  We presume that our energy is unchanging – that is if we even think about it at all!

    But your energy does vary – depending on factors such as the time of day.

    You can use that to your benefit, e.g., by doing the most mentally challenging work when your energy is at its peak.

    But you can do more.  You needn’t be a passive reactionary to your energy levels.  You can proactively boost your energy.  Exercise can help.  Having fun can help.  Sex can help.  Clearing your conscience can help.  Spending stimulating non-work time with others can help.  Reducing the time you spend with energy-drainers can help.

    Might that sort of energy management be worthy of some of your attention?  And , none of those tactics cost any money!

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