There was a revealing exchange in a workshop I attended recently. 

    One attendee wanted to help clients with their lead generation efforts. 

    The facilitator asked him “Why?”.  And when he answered, she asked “Why?” again.  And again.  She was getting him to think about what his ultimate aim was.

    You too may have ultimate aims as to why you’re in business. 

    Maybe you want your spouse to be proud of you.

    Or to be able to offer your kids opportunities.

    Or to secure your family’s financial future.

    Or to facilitate a lifestyle different to your current one.

    Or to have a positive impact on your clients’ lives.

    Or maybe you’re just putting one foot in front of the next and you’ve actually lost touch with your original motivation.

    I read a true story recently about a man who had worked with a coach to put systems in place that allowed him to spend more time with his wife.     Those systems?

    He had started meeting quarterly with his business partner to set goals.  They were also meeting weekly to keep things on track.  He was tracking their key metrics.  Etc.

    But then his discipline slipped.  He continued to work hard but, without the collaborative and systemised approach, his hours at work crept up – and up – and up…

    The result?

    His marriage ended.  His wife was “tired of leftovers“.  That phrase really hit me.

    What about you?  Why are you doing what you’re doing?  If you’ve a clear answer, great.  If you don’t, ask yourself “Why?” a few times to dig a bit deeper.

    But you’re not done yet!

    Once you have a clear answer, consider this question: is the way you live your life in sync with why you do what you do?

    You might need some alone time to consider that.  But it would be time well spent!

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