Many people claim that it’s right up there with healthy, family & faith.

    But is it?

    Do you protect your time as much as you protect your possessions?

    The sad answer for many people is “no“.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not advocating workaholism.  None of us will be on our deathbeds regretting that we didn’t spend more time in the office.

    I’m just encouraging you to consider if you could better protect your time.

    Recently I called a guy I haven’t spoken to in many years.  I left him a voicemail and asked him to call me back when he had a chance.

    Nearly an hour later he called me back.  Something about his greeting made me wonder…

    So I asked him if he’d listened to my voicemail.  He said “no” – he had just got off another call, had seen the missed call, and called me.

    Why did he do that?  

    But then something else happened.  I got the impression he didn’t know who he was talking to.  So, I asked.  Again, he said “no“.  We had a laugh then and I said who I was – he had changed phones or something and had lost all old contacts.

    So it was late in the day.  It was after hours.  He had finished a call and returned a “missed” call even though he didn’t even know who he was calling.

    As it happens, his call benefited me – as he was able to give me a steer on a query I had.   I appreciate his kindness.  But we’re not talking about my feelings here.  We’re talking about one of his most valuable possessions – his time.

    Could you be more vigilant in protecting your time?

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