What is success?

    A progressive journey? A destination?

    Success is a subjective thing.  For some it’s getting through the day.  For others it’s shifting the decimal place financially. For others it’s having a positive impact on others’ lives.  Or to use one’s talents.  The list goes on.  You could add other measures. 

    You’ve a family.  You’ve a community.  You’ve interests.  You play many roles.  Your success is multifaceted – because your life is multifaceted. 

    But you’re also in business and/or you’ve significant management responsibilities.

    In that role, what’s your definition of success?

    If it’s not clear, take some time at the earliest opportunity to define it.

    If it’s defined, what skills do you need to have in order to reach it?  (You need hard work and other ingredients too – but let’s stick with skills for now.)

    Do you have those skills?  If not, what’s the next step you can take to get them?

    If you do have those skills, what’s the next step you can take to improve them?

    In so many spheres, not just in your professional life, a great question to keep asking is:

    “What’s the next step?

    Define that next step. Take it.  Then ask, again:

    “What’s the next step?

    If that became a habit, what do you think would happen to your productivity?  To your journey towards your success?   

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