Your car is in trouble. 

    It needs a push.

    You put the lightest person behind the wheel and the rest of you push.

    It’s tough – it’s a stationary machine and will typically weigh well over 1000kg. 

    Sometimes it’s impossible because the person behind the wheel hasn’t released the handbrake – but let’s presume that’s not the case!

    Once you get the car moving, it is easier to keep it moving – presuming you’re not on an upslope.

    Take that idea now and apply it to business.  There’s something that you know you need to do.  Some area where you need to be more disciplined in order to get something moving.  So, you need to be disciplined enough to get going. 

    Let’s make this less abstract.  Years ago I decided to write blogs regularly – just like the one you’re reading now.  It wasn’t easy to get going.  There was often writer’s block.  Sometimes I was slow because I was being too fussy.  Sometimes I was slow because of procrastination.  But thankfully I found the discipline – and I got the car moving.  Now it’s much easier than it used to be.  And it takes far less discipline because it has become a habit.

    You (hopefully) wash your teeth – on autopilot.  It’s a habit.  You don’t need to be disciplined about it.

    Where am I going with this?

    I simply want to give you some good news.  And here it is: if you can summon the push to begin applying yourself to something regularly, and if you can be disciplined enough to stick with it long enough for it to become a habit, then after that it’ll be easier for you to maintain it.

    As it is with diet, exercise, sleep, etc., so it can be with work.  Is there something that your business needs regularly from you that you’re not currently giving it?  To change that around might just be easier than you imagine!

    This is my bread and butter when it comes to helping clients – helping them identify the stuff to be done, and then helping them be sufficiently disciplined to build constructive habits.  It’s not just about doing things.  It’s about selectively identifying the right things to do and then doing them right.  A subtle but important difference!

    Are you achieving as much in your business as you’d like?  Or is there room for improvement? 

    I’m guessing it’s the latter or else why are you reading this blog?

    So tell me – what’s the next thing you’re going to change in how you do things?

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