Does your car have a blind spot?

    That’s a question you understand.

    In your personal life have you blind spots?  I remember once going through a terrible sequence of results in football.  Defeat after defeat after defeat.

    And this wasn’t a team with fixed personnel.  We just turn up on Thursday nights and split into 2 teams that we hope are roughly equal. 

    And it dawned on me that there was one common denominator to all the defeats.  Me!  Maybe there were other people.  But I don’t think so.  Maybe the run of defeats was purely random.  I don’t know.  But maybe I was the problem.  That realisation gave me cause to think.

    But can we rely on noticing our own blind spots?

    Partners, good friends & family can help in private. 

    But in your business life?

    You can’t rely on lightbulb moments to notice what blind spots you have.  What you can do is cultivate relationships with a small number of confidantes who tick 3 boxes:

  1. You trust their opinions.
  2. They’re dealing with their own business challenges so they can relate.
  3. They can be frank with you.

    If you have such people – great!

    If you don’t, I’d encourage you to seek them out!

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