You’re busy every day.

You try to keep up the mix of sales & marketing, taking care of customers, planning, admin, learning, etc.

You’re juggling. Most days you make a reasonable stab at it.

But, now and again, there’s a day or a sequence of days when the juggling act is teetering on the brink – when you’ve a growing sense that something getting dropped is imminent.

You’re doing your best to delete, delegate, defer or do – but you can’t shake the feeling that there’s a wave about to engulf you.

There’s no magic wand for this sort of situation. And I’ve nothing to market or sell to you today. All I have is a photo of a piece of paper that hangs off the bottom of my screen here in front of me. A well-worn piece of paper, with ink that has flowed, with the print deteriorated by many years exposure to light.

I hope it’s of use to you – but not too often!

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