One recent Saturday morning I was down in our local park doing a few stretches before a 5km “Park Run”.  (Park run is a weekly event that takes place now in over 2000 locations.  There might be one near you!)

    Anyway, I saw this man in front of me wearing a t-shirt that said: “Exercise is medicine“.

    I loved the idea.  I’d never thought of it that way before.  Yes, exercise is good for us – in many ways.  But I’d never thought of it as medicine.

    Which made me wonder had I the wrong idea about medicine.  Was medicine about more than helping us with our physical and mental health challenges?

    Off I went to Wikipedia to see how it defines medicine and here you go:

    “Medicine is the science and practice of caring for a patient, managing the diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, treatment, palliation of their injury or disease, and promoting their health.

    Look again at those final three words: promoting their health

    You don’t need to have a challenge, or an illness, or an injury, or a disease to benefit from medicine.  You can simply be seeking to promote your health.

    And so it is in your work.  Just imagine for a moment that things are going ok.  You are getting through things.  If you have a team, they’re engaged in their work and they’re all Covid-free.  Yes, you’ve the normal stuff like generating leads, making sales, serving your clients, dealing with admin and compliance, planning, etc.  But there’s nothing acute causing issues.

    Now think back to the t-shirt that said: “Exercise is medicine“.

    Could your business do with some medicine to promote its health rather than fix an issue?

    You’ll have heard, many times I guess, that you should work on the business, not just in the business.

    That’s close to what I’m saying today.  But not quite.  I’m suggesting you indeed do some work on your business but make a good thing better rather than fixing a bad thing.

    Is it challenging for you to think of what you could do to promote your business’ health?

    Good.  This stuff isn’t meant to be easy.

    One way to identify steps to promote the health of your business is to get a second and objective pair of eyes looking at it.  I do that weekly for my clients.  I’m their second pair of eyes – their business confidante.  They might not like the scrutiny, but they know it benefits their business.  They’re secure enough in themselves to handle the scrutiny.  And they use me because they trust me and know I’ve got their best interests at heart.

    Email me if you want to explore joining them!